LEI Registrations in the G20


Although it’s been over 2 years since the G20 leadership endorsed the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) recommendation about the LEI, adoption among most G-20 nations has been modest.

Percentage of BICs Assigned an LEI


There are about 34,000 top-level BIC entities. Of those about 5,956 have been assigned an LEI, representing 17%. This is a significant increase from 6 months ago, when only about 3% of top-level BIC entities had been assigned an LEI.

Top 10 Legal Forms for GMEI Registered Entities


The GMEI utility, which has assigned about half the total LEIs, allows a registrant to submit its legal form during the registration process. Currently over 200 different legal forms have been submitted, but the most common legal form, making up about one-third of the total, is “Other.”