I once overheard our CEO Steve Goldstein tell a journalist that “our only policy is to hire smart people we think would be best for the job and who we’ve determined during the interview process would work well with our staff already here.”  He went on saying, “our view [he and President Mike Angle’s view] is that the excellent work environment we have here at Alacra is due to the direct contributions made by each person here.”

On Thursday, Alacra celebrated it’s 9th birthday with our annual Img_0492International Wine Img_0494and Food Fest. Img_0496Img_0498_1Img_0500As always it was great fun.  We had a chance to congratulate the Alacra staff who celebrated five years here with us, to welcome some new folks and to stuff our faces.  There were homemade Spanish tortilla’s, Indian meat pastries, a secret chicken recipe, chocolate Alacra birthday cake, and lots of odiferous cheeses.  And, wine of course, lots of it…from all over the world. I even had my first PIMS which, according to CFO Mike Millar, is the ideal English summer party drink.

As we get bigger and busier, it seems there’s less and less time for us to spend together socially, getting to know each other as individuals and friends, not just colleagues and enjoying each other’s company.  Naturally, we look forward to these in-house shindigs to make up for some of that and luckily, we all play pretty nice together.

Cosmetics scion Mary Kay once said “A company is only as good as the people it keeps,” a fact Steve and Mike clearly know well.

Carol Ann Thomas, Alacra Marketing Manager