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New Focus on Due Diligence Challenges with Extension of FATCA Deadlines

Addressing the challenges of workflow protocols for onboarding new account data and managing existing account data is receiving a new focus by financial institutions sparked by the IRS recently granting a six-month extension for key FATCA compliance deadlines.

Determining FATCA Classification

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Sanctions Lists, PEPs, and Database Checks–Regulatory Highlights

Nowhere in the regulations are financial institutions instructed to use a proprietary database or conduct a proscribed level of research when onboarding a new customer or counterparty. Yet this is where the bulk of the money is spent: in database costs, workflow tools, and investigative labor. As this is where the money is, we have […]

Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions

We have a new white paper out that summarizes what we see as the best practices in Know-Your-Customer workflow for commercial and investment banks.  Based on meetings with […]

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Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions

Alacra has announced the release of “Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions,” a white paper which answers the question most frequently asked of Alacra during compliance workflow discussions, “What are other banks doing to meet these challenges?” Read more… Download White Paper

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Alacra Concordance In Financial Institutions—Forrester Consulting

Alacra Concordance provides a 400+ percent Return On Investment, according to a commissioned study. By smoothly aggregating disparate financial data, Alacra Concordance offered nearly $2 million in savings in productivity and labor costs.” Download White Paper

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Alacra Compliance

A comprehensive new solution helping financial institutions comply with AML and BSA regulations. Alacra Compliance is a workflow-based application that provides a framework for consistent application of your existing AML procedures and processes. Alacra Compliance helps you streamline the on-boarding process by bringing together all of your research sources within a single application. Download White […]

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