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FATCA Workshop Allows Compliance Professionals to Share Proposed Workflow Charts

At Alacra, we understand the difficult workflow decisions financial firms are facing with multiple jurisdictions, reporting requirements, and KYC initiatives. We work closely with our clients and the industry to help everyone make compliance robust and simpler. As such, we recently brought together several clients for our second FATCA Workshop Evening on February 12. The […]

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Reference Data – Who Regulates Whom

Many large financial institutions use the regulatory status of a client or counterparty to help determine its risk level and therefore the amount of due diligence required to onboard that entity. The risk level is also used to determine how often that entity must be refreshed from a KYC perspective. An entity that is regulated […]

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Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions

We have a new white paper out that summarizes what we see as the best practices in Know-Your-Customer workflow for commercial and investment banks.  Based on meetings with […]

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The Alacra Authority File

For several years Alacra has been playing in both the reference data arena with our Concordance services and in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / anti-money laundering (AML) arena with Alacra Compliance.  We’ve been talking to customers about how these two worlds were going to converge, especially in light of the regulatory and […]

The Alacra Periodic Table of Entity and Security Identifiers

Prior to the 2008 financial crisis there had been a complicated web of banking regulations that affected financial institutions around the world.   In response to the financial crisis, regulators have been busy at work drafting new regulations aimed at reducing the chances of a similar meltdown in the future.  Earlier this summer we released

The Periodic Table of Bank Regulation & Compliance

“I can’t keep track of all these financial regulations!”  PeriodictableWe had heard that more times than we could count so we whipped together The Periodic Table of Bank Regulation […]

Enterprise Data and Compliance – Opportunities to Combine Silos, Part 1

Last week was a busy and interesting week on the financial institution conference circuit. In New York there was the Financial Information Management conference (FIMA); in Hollywood, Florida there was the 17th Annual Anti-Money Laundering Conference; and in Miami, Florida there was the SIFMA Annual Compliance and Legal Society […]

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LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) Progress Report: Key Resources To Date

Those of us in the reference data arena have been paying close attention to the progress being made in bringing the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) to life.  There remain significant hurdles to clear before the LEI is actually created and adopted by the initial set of users and entities – swap dealers and major swap […]

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Two New Executives Lead Growth of Alacra Risk Products

The recent hire of two key new executives charged with leading the continued growth of Alacra’s regulatory compliance and reference data management services.

Driving changes to the way financial services firms handle client, prospect and counterparty data are regulatory mandates around Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, operational and credit risk assessments. Further, there is a […]

A Reference Guide to the US Rescue Efforts

Paul Weiss Law Firm Paul Weiss has published as excellent Reference Guide to the US Rescue efforts. It describes the “principle elements of the various regulatory actions taken to date.”  There’s an […]

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