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The most wonderful time of the year


Alacra UK always has a unique way of making the holiday fun and special. Hilariously ugly sweater contests are just the top of the tree so to speak. This year it looks like the lovely Victoria Todd won a “decorate your desk” contest by outdoing everyone else on […]

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How Alacra Does an Apocalypse

AlanjalpamaryanngarnerWhat does Alacra do when faced with an apocalypse and our own impending doom? We throw one heck of a holiday party!

Last night, Alacra celebrated the end of the world at our annual holiday party and […]

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The Christmas Jumper Contest

Alacra UK recently held it’s Christmas Jumper Contest (jumper = sweater for us yankees). While the competition was clearly tough, Don Roll, Alacra Managing Director (far right) edged out the rest of the staff to win first prize.

Have a great holiday […]

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2008 Alacra Holiday Party

This year we decided to stay in and have a combination frat party / karaoke party for the holidays.  A couple of small kegs of beer, a couple of cases of wine and some catered food.  We had a great time and there are tons of pictures and videos some of which will eventually get […]

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Happy Birthday Alacra!

I once overheard our CEO Steve Goldstein tell a journalist that “our only policy is to hire smart people we think would be best for the job and who we’ve determined during the interview process would work well with our staff already here.”  He went on saying, “our view [he and President Mike Angle’s view] […]

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Happy Holidays!

The night before last, Alacra celebrated the close of a terrific 2004 at our annual holiday party, held this year at Fuelray Bar & Lounge in the West Village (go there).

We toasted big wins which include more than 15 new databases, a 25% gain in revenue (again!) and our second year on DT’s […]

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